POWERKNEE™ - Premium Knee Support Brace

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POWERKNEE™ - Premium Knee Support Brace

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Does your knee and painful joints cause your steps to feel heavy?

Our  POWERKNEE™ - Premium Knee Support Brace is perfect for you!

The POWERKNEE™ is the world's leading knee brace that allows you to squat and stand easier, walk lighter, run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier, just like you are on the clouds. all while keeping you 100% safe. Reduce existing knee pain, protect against injury, correct your posture and enhance your performance.

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★ Soft and comfortable materials provide strong stretch and comfort.
★ can carry a weight of 20 kg, it can reduce the weight of about 40 kg!
★ Powerful elasticity reduces the weight of your knees.
★ Can prevent injuries, speed up recovery, suitable for treatment and rehabilitation.
★ Suitable for walking, jogging, running, sports, cross training, running, cycling, fitness, tennis, dance, basketball, etc.

Feel the freedom of being able to go anywhere, exercise, and play your favorite sports all day without having knee pain!

Reduce Pressure OFF Your Joints & Say Goodbye to Knee Pains!

These braces easily reduce the pressure off your knees by stabilizing your legs and supporting your joints to help you feel stronger, lighter, and at ease.

Why do I need these for my knees?

Would you like to stand easier, walk lighter, run faster, jump higher, and lift heavier than ever before?

The POWERKNEE™ - Premium Knee Support Brace function as shock absorbers for your legs and knees, allowing you to bounce back to life and spring into action.

 The brace provides optimal support and stability for those with knee pain, sprains, and strains, including ACL/MCL injuries, inflammation, soreness, and tendinitis. 

Don't already have knee pain? Let's keep it that way! The brace protects your knees and enhances your power like never before. It's not just a recovery tool, it's a performance tool. 

Give Your Knees The Support They Deserve!

✔ Relieve Joint Pain - This knee support brace effectively lightens up to 40kg (88lbs) of joint pressure from a person’s own weight, providing relief to both tibiofemoral and patellofemoral knee joints.

✔ Stronger Lifting Power - This brace allows you to lift your knees easier when bending or squatting both legs, providing a noticeable boost when lifting heavy objects.

✔ Work Easier, Longer - Feel the increased power when on the job. Ideally used in professions requiring excessive knee movement such as gardening, construction, delivery service, inspections, mechanic, etc.

✔ STRONG SPRING- Strong load capacity, can reduce the weight of 40 kg. With the support of your thighs and calves, you can effectively lower your knee pressure and make your daily activities more effective and comfortable.

 BREATHABLE MESH / NON-SLIP FABRIC- Breathable mesh, non-slip fabric, can be worn directly on the knee or pants, very comfortable. Effectively prevent and reduce stiff muscles and joints and increase blood flow.

 SUITABLE FOR THE ENVIRONMENT- Suitable for walking, hiking, jogging, running, sports, cross training, running, cycling, fitness, tennis, dance, basketball and other sports. The length is adjustable and can be used by both men and women.

 ADVANTAGES- This innovative knee pad is light and comfortable! You no longer need to worry about joint problems. Let it be your new friend in your life.


This is the world's first knee brace that uses a spring-loaded system to provide significantly enhanced lifting power.  

Engineered with breathable, moisture-winking, non-slip technology, you'll never have to worry about the brace shifting or itching. 

Designed with infinitely adjustable POWERKNEE to perfectly fit any knee size, no matter how big or small. Comfortably wear it under or over your pants.



Our brace lightens up to 40kg (88lbs) of pressure from a person's own weight. It's like walking on the moon. Your legs have never felt so light. 

Standing up has never been so easy. Put the pep back in your step and enjoy the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. 


Guaranteed to reduce knee pain and improve performance within 30 days or your money back, no questions asked.


Question: Will these fit my knees?

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